Salon 2017 – Raven’s Ait


Mo Haque – Choosing to Stay

Following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in December 2014 Mo Haque was given “a small chance of success”. Mo’s life changed overnight. “Do I Choose to Stay?” became a primary question for him. He went through radiation, 18 chemotherapy cycles, and a major surgery, to then being told “there’s no more treatment available”.

Refused breakthrough immunotherapy on the NHS, the odds of surviving were stacked against him.

Mo “choosing to stay”, crowdfunded over £186,000 to access the potentially lifesaving drug and has seen his tumours reduce by over 50%. He now shares his story of hope, love and gratitude.

“There was a time I wanted to inspire, but when cancer came along all I wanted to do was live.”

JP Floru – A Nightmare Called North Korea

JP Floru is a writer, politician and campaigner for liberty. He is a councillor in the City of Westminster and in 2015 stood for Parliament in Bermondsey & Old Southwark. He has published two books and his third, ‘The Sun Tyrant – A Nightmare Called North Korea’ is published in June.

In 2016 JP travelled to North Korea for the Pyongyang Marathon and soon realised that it is the strangest place one can go save the Moon. North Korea is the prime example of what happens if individual liberty is obliterated and the state takes over every aspect of every citizen’s life.

“Reigning through terror, the North Korean regime has turned the entire country into one big prison camp.”

Ali Golding – The Science of Dance: Why Movement Works for Learning

Ali holds a degree in Dance Theatre. For almost 30 years she’s worked as a choreographer on stage, film, and television with artistes such as Twiggy, Kylie and David Gilmour. Then, in 2011 she completed a Master’s degree, which led to a whole new career as a Dance Scientist.

Ali will explain how she has created a pioneering dance-based educational tool called Developmental Dance Movement™. Her published research and her work developed through her organization MovementWorks® has been described as “groundbreaking”. Ali will give the audience the chance to experience ‘embodied learning’ and how effective it can be.

“Learning by using the body, as well as the mind is extremely powerful and I am proud that my groundbreaking research proves it.”

Portia Ungley – The pursuit of uncertainty: why ‘I don’t know’ is a good conclusion

“I don’t know” is often seen as terrifying – we live in a goal oriented society where being driven is positive. In this talk, Portia Ungley suggests an alternative viewpoint where the pursuit of uncertainty can be generative and liberating. Making new treasures through mudlarking on the Thames and origami, she shows how “I don’t know” is a useful conclusion.

Portia lectures in visual cultures at Kingston University, researching the personal, through philosophy and theory. She gets her kicks from making the complex simple and seeing her students soar. She’s currently researching the conceptual implications of kintsugi, and developing a professional doctorate on critical thinking at Cambridge.

What if “I don’t know” were a satisfactory conclusion? What if letting go of solutions driven actions allowed for more progress?