Flagship 2018 – Rose Theatre Kingston

TEDxKingstonUponThames 2018 – Out of Order

Saturday 20th January 2018 – 11am – 7pm

The only constant is change. It’s all around us. At home, at work. Online, offline. In our city streets, in our phones, in the way we view the world. It’s exciting, yet disconcerting.

This year, TEDxKingstonUponThames explores ‘Out of Order’ and the many different interpretations of that phrase; change, disruption, sub-cultures, a broken situation, radical solutions, a different way of looking at things…

From technology and design to adventure, culture and the way we live and work now and in the future, our speakers will delve into some of the most challenging questions of modern life.

Our full line-up of around 15 speakers will be updated here when available.

Changing the Shape of the Skies – Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels will explore the origins of the half-aeroplane, half-airship Airlander and the challenges of taking a disruptive technology to the skies over the UK. Chris is Head of Communications at Hybrid Air Vehicles, the designers and manufacturers of Airlander, the largest aircraft in the world. Chris was HAV’s 15th employee when he joined them in 2013 and has watched the company grow in size to a workforce of over 100, on its journey of assembling and testing the aircraft.
Chris, a former Parachute Regiment officer, is a keen runner and member of local running club Thames Hare and Hounds, and can often be seen jogging along the River Thames.
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Jenny Andersson

Managers, Who Needs Them? – Jenny Andersson

Social scientists have proven again and again that the motivational strategies businesses use just
don’t motivate us. They just don’t work. So why do businesses ignore that?  Well, not all businesses. Some businesses have begun to see the new order of play; and its meaningful, purposeful …… and manager-less.
A former game-keeping brand consultant turned internal intelligence seeking poacher, Jenny Andersson has spent the last 3 years researching the characteristics of businesses and their leaders who are shaping a new vision for businesses of the future.  Her illuminating talk takes a rapid ride through what it takes to build a business that’s both good for the plan
et and great to work for.

How to Feed Nine Billion People – Richard Higgins

Richard Higgins

In 1995, Richard Higgins, a lifelong farmer growing disillusioned with the industry, stumbled across the lost works of botanist Sir Albert Howard buried deep inside a library. Building on Sir Albert’s research, Richard developed a revolutionary farming system to generate high, healthy and tasty crop yields with no pesticides or heavy machinery – with big implications for developing nations. Richard runs Good Gardeners International, a charity devoted to improving farming around the world.
With projects in Haiti and Uganda, and a demonstration farm in Hertfordshire, Richard has spent the last 22 years putting his – and Sir Albert Howard’s – knowledge into action.
Challenging the Middle Eastern Myth – Rebecca Lowe
The Western image of the Islamic world can be summed up in three words: bombs; burqas; bigotry. In July 2015, Rebecca Lowe set offfor a year-long solo cycle through the Middle East to challenge this selective narrative and tell the stories of the people and communities she met along the way: the everyday 99.9% who rarely make the headlines.
Rebecca Lowe is a freelance journalist from London. She specialises in human rights and the Middle East, and has written for the BBC, Guardian, Sunday Times, Independent, Economist, Huffington Post, Spectator and numerous sports, travel and music magazines. She has a BA in English literature from Cambridge University and an MA in journalism from Stanford University, where she was awarded a scholarship.
Why Tone of Voice is the Key to a Better Life – Janina Heron

Many of us use our voice every day as a tool for communication and connection. Your tone influences how people react and respond to you. Defined by one dictionary as “shades of meaning”, tone can comfort, motivate, provoke, inspire and so much more. This talk is about the impact of tone and how you can use it to enrich your life.

Janina is a professional voice artist, lending her dulcet tones to TV ads, in-store promos, corporate videos and more. She trained in voice and acting at Arts Educational Drama School in London and works as a tone of voice consultant, raising awareness about the value of mastering your unique sound, for confidence, clarity and better relationships.

 Could a 4 Year Old Change the World? – David Harkin
David is an entrepreneur, public speaker and author who dedicates his life to connecting people with their own ideas. His company has now worked with over 50,000 students across the world and has also led innovative transformation projects for major businesses.  He is also a proud husband, father and dog owner and when he has a spare moment, likes to play a bit of cricket.David will be tackling the question of whether or not a 4-year-old can come up with an idea that could change the world? He will bring his unique expertise to this question and will discuss how he feels we should explore the uninhibited insight into the world that 4-year old has. He will question what it actually takes to change the world.

Mr Lorraine: Life With a ‘Man’s Voice’ – Lorraine Chademunhu

Lorraine was born with a voice that some people believe belongs

to a man. For most of her life she has been ridiculed, humiliated, judged and accused of being a fraud. Her story is about not hiding and refusing to apologise for not fitting society’s definition of femininity.

Lorraine Chademunhu was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She moved to the UK 20 years ago and works in Mental Health. Lorraine is a mother, poet, rapper, DJ and Stand Up comedian. She lives to inspire people to be true to themselves and not be defined by others’ opinions.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” – Thich Nhat Hanh